Samos is one of the Aegean northern islands with waterfalls, green landscape and spectacular mountainous views. The big cities Samos and Vathi are located in the eastern part which offers visitors, besides small museums, plenty of large hotels and swimming pools.

If you go towards the western side of the island, you should visit the quiet beaches of Kokkari and Potami. There are some interesting historical places, like the Temple of Goddess Hera, the Roman ruins and the white monasteries. Samos is the birthplace of Pythagoras, this being the reason why the Mathematics University is situated on this island. Pythagorion is a port built in Antiquity, with Greek and Roman monuments, like the Tunnel of Eupalinion or the Pythagoras tunnel.

Samos is the most known and visited island of this northern group of islands, succeeding in maintaining its natural beauty unaltered by the many tourists who constantly come here on holiday. Considered the house of goddess Hera in the Greek mythology, Samos still keeps a rich legacy of this culture, being loaded with ruins and temples, and thus attracting tourists passionate about archaeology and antique vestiges. At the same time, the island proposes a lot of aquatic entertainment, attracting beaches, restaurants and taverns, and hotels for every pocket.

Along the shore, there are numerous resorts. The island capital is Vathi, which is the largest city and main port. Other important cities are: Karlovassi and Pythagorion. Karlovassi is known as the commercial and industrial capital of the island, so here you can find most stores and auto agencies. Pythagorion is the main resort; it is impressive due to the many existent touristic attractions. The island’s coast is sprinkled with various resorts or villages that have picturesque beaches, comfortable hotels and the entire necessary holiday package. Among these, there are: Kokkari, Platanakia, Psili Ammos beach, Mpalos beach, Limnionas beach and many others.

Besides sunbathing and swimming within crystal waters, Samos offers a wide variety of entertainment activities. You can rent ski-jets or motorboats and go out to sea to explore the island. Also, there are football and tennis courts, endowed with night lights, because the elevated temperatures during the day do not allow the practice of such physical activities in optimal conditions. A very popular sport in Samos is windsurfing.

When it comes to site visiting, the island is rich in archaeological inheritance, so you can visit the Temple of Goddess Hera (situated in Pythagorion) or the Panagia Spiliani monastery with the famous Virgin Mary Cave. Interesting sites are the archaeological museums, the anthropology museum and the Lykourgos Logothetis Castle.

Ormos Marathokampos is a fishing village largely visited for the beauty of the area, overwhelming hospitality and excellent Greek cuisine. It is situated in the south-west part of Samos, at the foothill of Kerkis Mountain. It is 30km away from the airport and 40km away from the capital. Ormos has a wonderful port and shore, with great beaches around: Velanidia and Psili Ammos. The whole area is ideal for walking and monastery trips. Here you can find many chapels and, most importantly, the Pythagoras cave in Kerkis. Kerkis is the highest mountain in Samos, with an altitude of 1, 450m. They have discovered almost 70 caves and grottos in Kerkis.

In the Mitilini village, there is the Pantheology Museum, where animal fossils, minerals and rocks collections are exposed. The Archaeology Museum is next to the city hall; you can see archaic sculptures and jewelry made of stone, wood, bronze and precious stones.

Samos Island benefits from a Mediterranean climate, just like the other islands form the north-east part of the sea. Moderate winds and reduced quantities of precipitations during summer make the island an excellent holiday destination. Average temperature during summer reaches 27 C degrees in July. The touristic season starts in May. You can travel to Samos with the ferry; connection with Athens is done through regular flights.

As shown, Samos Island has many things to offer from the touristic point of view. More than anything, it has such an impressive natural beauty and scenic views, that it is worth visiting just for that reason. Charged with historic values and mysteries, it is the perfect destination for history lovers as well. Nevertheless, people who want to have fun will not get bored in Samos, either. There are numerous activities and sites for all kinds of visitors.”

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